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Kick Off

Tuesday, June 20 6-7:30PM

Road Runner Sports, 490 Broad St, Shrewsbury, NJ

Whether you are diving in to the sport of Triathlon for the first time, looking for a comfortable but competitive race to better your times or just out to have fun with the's time to start training for the Jersey Girl Triathlon!

Meet and greet with the coaches, review of the course, understand the training plan...let us ease your jitters and get you excited for the 11th Annual Jersey Girl Triathlon!

Packet Pickup


See Packet Pick up page



Pre-Race Walk-Through

Any last-minute questions or would you like to get in the ocean one more time before the race…


Saturday, September 23rd,  5:00-5:30 Walk Through Only.

There is no swim at Sandy Hook until Race day


Want to feel a little more comfortable with your race plan?  

We will be holding a "pre-race walk-through" to go through the steps of race-day/transition set-up as well as answer ANY last-minute questions you have about race day.

Saturday, September 23rd
(5 – 5:30pm)



We will be meeting directly in front of the transition Area at Sandy Hook

For GPS use:Use Gaurdian Park, Sandy Hook, NJ
Race Site
The race site for 2023 will be at what they call Guardian Park GPS Locations Here about 4.5 miles into Sandy Hook. See maps and diagrams in the map sections. There is no parking directly at the race site, see parking below or see link here.

For GPS Address Use Gaurdian Park, Sandy Hook, NJ


Start Times


The transition area will close at 7:45 a.m. At this time, athletes should make their way to the swim start location just to the west of the transition area. Athletes will be starting IN BIB ORDER. Starting with number 1 and increasing in order by bib number. It is VERY IMPORTANT to stay in order for the start. Your transition area position will be the same, in BIB ORDER ONLY. The rows will be marked accordingly by number starting with 1-50 and moving on from there. You MUST have your bike in the correct area or you will receive a penalty. This is in order to retain the proper flow through the event day. 

Race Distances



300 yard swim / 9 mile bike / 3 mile run



1.3 mile run / 9 mile bike / 3 mile run



300 yard swim / 9 mile bike



Transition Information


The transition area will open at 6:15 a.m. to the athletes. Wristbands are required for entrance into the transition area. Bikes should be racked according to your BIB NUMBER which will be marked on either end of the bike racks. Bikes must be racked by their seats and should alternate on either side of the rack, fitting 7 bikes per rack. Security will be checking wristbands prior to and after the race to ensure that only racers enter the transition area.

Please place you bike in the correct location. It is VERY important to be racked in BIB ORDER, not with just anyone. The flow of the transition area is dependent on this.  Bikes racked in the wrong location could be disqualified.

Saturday Bike Drop Off Available to Save Time

We will be recommending athletes to bring their bike on Saturday afternoon to the transition area and set it up on Saturday for ease on Sunday logistics. The other most popular option is to park in J & K Lots on Sunday morning and grab your gear and bike and ride to the transition area. It is a ONE MILE walk/ride from the parking area on Sunday, and the bike drop off area will be VERY BUSY. You may Only bring your bike on Sunday morning if you choose and paid for Race Day packet Pick up.

Bus from Parking Area

We will have bus transportation on Race Morning only back and forth from the parking area and the transition area for spectators and athletes. This will be available in the morning starting at 5:00AM until 7AM. NO BIKES ALLOWED ON BUS. Please plan accordingly. There will be no bus transport after the event starts.

First Aid & Police


First Aid squads will be located at the transition area. All staff members and volunteers will be given the phone number to the ambulance rigs that are stationed at the race. In the case of an emergency, please do not call 911, but instead locate a race staff member or volunteer for immediate response from our designated medical staff. Police officers will be stationed on the bike course to help with safety for athletes on roads because they will not be closed off to traffic. 



Bike Mechanics


There will be a bike mechanic available and roaming the course throughout the race. If you have a flat tire or need assistance due to a bike malfunction, please find a staff member or volunteer who can call the mechanic to come help you.



Parking Information


Parking for all will only be available in the Parking areas J and K. See Link here

GPS address use Lot J, Sandy Hook, NJ

 It is exactly one mile from the staging area. See Map for directions from parking to transition here

There will be a bike drop off area near the transition (SATURDAY ONLY) , but you will have only a few minutes to drop off your bike. A shuttle will be provided but NO BIKES ALLOWED ON THE SHUTTLE.




Port-o-Johns will be available near the registration tent area.


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