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  • What are the distances of this triathlon?
    Triathlon Distances: 300 yard swim / 9 mile bike (2 loop 4.5 per loop) / 3 mile run Duathlon Distances: 1.3 mile run /9 mile bike (2 loop 4.5 per loop) / 3 mile run Aqua Velo Distances: 300 yard swim / 9 mile bike (2 loop 4.5 per loop)
  • Will there be awards?
    Yes. All finishers will receive a Jersey Girl Triathlon medal. Additional awards are the top ten overall and top three in each age category in five year increments.
  • Can I register as a team? Does it have to be three people?
    Yes, you may register yourself as part of either a two or three person relay team. On the registration page, please clarify which participants will be completing each portion of the triathlon.
  • Can I defer my entry to 2024 if I am unable to race?
    Yes, deferments are allowed until August 15. We do also allow participants to transfer their registration to another participant until August 15. Please use this form to submit. No deferments of transfers after August 15th
  • I am injured/pregnant/leaving the country/etc. and unable to race, can I transfer my registration to a friend?"
    Yes! We will allow transfers until August 15. Please use the this form to let us know the new participants information. It is your responsibility to collect the money from the person you are transferring your registration to. There will be a fee for all transferred registrations.
  • Where can I park
    Parking... The only location for parking is J & K Lots. They sometimes use lot L as well see travel pages here
  • Where is Packet Pick up and When
    Visit here: for packet pick up details
  • I live far away, can I have someone else pick up my packet for me?"
    Yes, friends or family can pick up your packet for you. Please make sure that the person picking up your packet knows your full name and date of birth when they come.
  • How does the relay work
    Relay Members will receive only one chip. The chip, worn around your ankle, is your exchange baton, tag off. Other relay members need to wait inside the transition area to tag their team mate and get the chip, put it on their ankle then go. The exchange is done in the transition area. Swimmer comes in and tags the biker, then the biker can proceed. All relay members remember to only cross the mat when they are competing, otherwise you need to use our separate entrance/ext on the south side (closest to Madison Ave) in the middle.
  • I am an Aqua Velo participant. Where do I finish?
    We like everyone to experience the finish line, so after finishing your bike portion, rack your bike and proceed out the run out, and directly to the finish line.
  • Can I switch my event?
    Yes, up until August 15th. Please email us using this form for any changes. Click Here
  • How do I wear my race number?
    Please secure your bib number to the front of your run shirt and make sure that it is displayed clearly as you cross the finish line. Bike numbers should be tightly secured to your bike. Please do not remove your bike number until you have removed all of your equipment from the transition area. This is to ensure that no bikes are stolen.
  • Will there be body marking?
    Yes, volunteers will be located near the transition area in the morning to mark athletes. Calves will be marked with ages, and arms will be marked with race numbers.
  • Are wetsuits required/allowed for the swim?
    Wetsuits are not required, but are certainly allowed. The water is usually warm enough that they are not necessary. About half of the athletes typically choose to wear them.
  • Are there any types of bikes restricted for this race?
    No, all types of bikes are permitted.
  • Are bike helmets mandatory?
    Yes. Race officials will be stationed at both transition exits to make sure that all participants are wearing helmets as they head out on the bike course.
  • What should I do if my tire is flat?
    There will be two bike mechanics available on the course. If you have a flat tire or need assistance, please alert the nearest volunteer or race official, who will then call the mechanic to come assist you.
  • Can I volunteer at this event?
    Yes! Please invite all family and friends to join you at the race and help out. Please contact us here and let us know how you'd like to help out. Volunteers will receive a generous discount on any future Split Second Racing event.
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