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Transition Information


The transition area will open at 6:00 AM to the athletes. Wristbands are required for entrance into the transition area. Bikes should be racked according to your BIB NUMBER which will be marked on either end of the bike racks. Bikes must be racked by their seats and should alternate on either side of the rack, fitting 7 bikes per rack. Security will be checking wristbands prior to and after the race to ensure that only racers enter the transition area.

Please place you bike in the correct location. It is VERY important to be racked in BIB ORDER, not with just anyone. The flow of the transition area is dependent on this.  Bikes racked in the wrong location could be disqualified.

Saturday Bike Drop Off Available to Save Time

We will be recommending athletes to bring their bike on Saturday afternoon to the transition area and set it up on Saturday for ease on Sunday logistics. It is a ONE MILE walk from the parking area on Sunday, and the bike drop off area will be VERY BUSY. You may Only bring your bike on Sunday morning if you choose and paid for Race Day packet Pick up.

Bus from Parking Area

We will have bus transportation on Race Morning only back and forth from the parking area and the transition area for spectators and athletes. This will be available in the morning starting at 5:45AM until 11AM. NO BIKES ALLOWED ON BUS. Please plan accordingly.

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