2020 Jersey Girl Training Plan will be released at the kick off party 

March 30 - August 1 (RACE DAY!!)

Our 2020 Training Plan is now *LIVE* & can be accessed via the link below:

1. Go to the link below & select BUY (the plan is FREE!)

2. On the next screen, you will be prompted to either Log-In to your Training Peaks (TP) account (if you have one) or to SIGN UP for a new account.
o You need to have a Training Peaks (TP) account which is also FREE. You can choose to upgrade to a premium TP account for a fee, but for our purposes, this is not necessary unless there are additional features of TP that you would like to use.

3. Once you have either signed in to your existing account or created a new one, you can then have this plan added to your program.

Some additional bullets with regards to the Plan...

o Obviously this year the COVID19 situation & therefore our ability to go to a gym/pool has been impacted. With that, for the month of April, follow the plan to the best of your ability & HOPEFULLY!! 🙏 on May 1, we can get back into our normal routine w/ our group workouts...& everything else for that matter.
o The program is designed to take the beginner/new triathlete from 'zero' & progressively build over the next 18-weeks into race day in August. As with any plan that's written for a group vs a specific individual, it is highly unlikely that it will be a 100% perfect fit for's purpose is to give you a template of the weekly training you should be doing so you're adequately prepared & can enjoy the experience on August 1.

o If you have a background in any of the (3) sports, this program will grossly UNDER-estimate the training that you're comfortable with for that given sport. For example, if you've recently run a 5-mile race, the run volume in this plan will be very low. is designed for the individual who is brand new/relatively new to each of the (3) sports & take them from the couch to finishing the triathlon on August 1.

o This is a DYNAMIC plan which means I will continue to make modifications as the season progresses. As a result of this, once you have 'copied' the plan onto your own TP account, the modifications I make (on my end) will be added to your schedule in realtime. For example, right now I don't know specifically what day of the week in July, we'll be having OWS (Open Water Swim) clinics. When these dates get confirmed, I will add them to the master plan which will subsequently be added to your schedule (I'll also make note of many of these on this Facebook page). I just want this to be clear because if you print out the 18-week program today through race-day, there are MANY (MANY!!) things which are going to be added over the next 4-months, that you'll miss. As such, if you do want to print this out, vs using the online version or the Training Peaks app (which is also FREE) your best bet is to do so on a weekly basis, so you're privy to these modifications.

o I FULLY EXPECT you to have questions, so if anything is unclear, please post your questions on the Jersey Girl page.

We'll also dig into this at the Kick-off party which is now tentatively scheduled for Sunday - May 3....see you there!