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Course Maps

Swim Staging

swim in bike out.jpg

Swim Course

Jersey Girl Duathlon First Run
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Starts at the Finish Line at 7:30AM

Jersey Girl Bike

The bike portion of the bike is a two loop out and back course. The map below shows only one direction, one loop.
You will do two complete loops, 2.25 mile each way, totaling 9 miles total.
Stay tuned for details on turn-a-round section near transition

Jersey Girl Run

Signs to be Aware of on race day

Bike Rack Numbers

Each row (15 rows) will have these signs, on both ends

As you approach, remember which side of the row you are on. There are 10 racks in each row. Please try to alternate each side and best to hang by your seat. Six bikes per rack. Please don't take up too much room.

trans flow.png

Transition Area Flow

As you enter the transition area from the swim, you will be directed to go straight on the left side of the transtion area until you get to your row.

Coming in, stay to the right of the cones, closest to the racks.

When you come off the bike and start to proceed to Run out opening (same as swim in) stay to the right of the cones again (furthest from racks) 

Bike out, also proceed to the right of the cones on the way out (furthest from racks) and on the return, to the right of the cones until you get to your row.

swim in.png
bike in.png

Stay Right, Pass Left.

While on the bike, it is VERY IMPORTANT to always stay as far to the right of your lane at all times, please pull out to the left to pass, and announce to the person you are passing that you are passing "On Your Left". The bike course is one traffic lane each direction. Please adhere to this rule as much as possible.

pass left.png

On the Run, Stay to the left. 

The run portion is basically an out and back, always run on the left side of your lane at all times. You will come to a turn-a-round just in front of the Lighthouse, go left to right and return to finish area. 

A water stop will be at the 1 mile point of the run and you will also come back the other way at about 1.8 miles. After water stop, you will make a left and proceed around lot 102 (triangle in course map) 

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