Swim Course


The first heat will start at 6:50 a.m. Athletes will swim straight out into the ocean (approximately 50-yards), make a LEFT turn, swimming parallel to shore along a line of buoys (approximately 200-yards) and make another LEFT turn into shore (approximately 50-yards, totaling 300-yards in all). The buoys will be kept on your LEFT at all times. Lifeguards will be lined up along the course to assist swimmers. Swim angels will also be available on the short and in the water wearing bright yellow caps to help athletes with surfboards and noodles. Swimmers may rest at anytime during the swim, but if you choose to stop, please stay to the edges of the course for the safety of other swimmers.



Special Note:

There will be swim corrals on the beach; however, unless you are in the first three waves, we are requesting that you wait in the designated "Heat Waiting Area" up on the boardwalk until your heat is called. You will follow your heat manager down to the beach with your heat to the "on deck" area. There, you will have a chance to jump in the water and get wet if you need to before being placed in one of the three official corrals.


Bike Course


Athletes will exit the transition area from their designated exit and begin by heading north on McKinley Street. At the end of the street, you will turn left and proceed around the clock tower. At the traffic light, you will be directed by volunteers to turn left, and you must stay to the right of the cones. Next, you will take a right on Broadway, followed by your first left onto Second Avenue. Proceed with caution through this first section of the course.


Once you are on Second Avenue, please keep to the right side of the road at all times, and do not bike more than 2 bikers abreast. Follow the direction of volunteers at all times. You will ride only one loop on this course, before turning right onto Madison Avenue, where you will be directed to dismount your bike before approaching the transition area. Heats 1-7 (green wristbands) will enter at the first entrance of the transition area, while Heats 8-13 (yellow wristbands) will enter the second entrance of the transition area.


Please note that roads are not closed to traffic during this race. We will have at least 30 police officers on the course to assist you in traveling safely, but please be aware of drivers and pedestrians at all times.



Run Course


Athletes will exit the transition area and turn right onto the path that travels behind the Ocean Place Hotel. Follow the marked path to just before the circle, left turn onto the Boardwalk and head north on the boardwalk until the end. Stay closest to the Ocean. 

At the end of the boardwalk, make a left turn on Seaview. At Ocean Ave, make a right, go past Seven Presidents entrance to Avenel, make a right on Avenel and then left on Ocean Avenue. Then a quick left onto Ocean Blvd, staying in the should on your left to Atlantic Avenue, then back to Ocean Avenue heading South. The rest is the same way you came out, and head directly to the finish line in front of the stage.